Next Generation Wireless Communication Link


EasyLINK idea arises from gathering the current convergence towards IP technology, as well as the incoming of WiMAX technology.

In this scenarios EasyLINK has been designed and developed to meet the needs for temporary transmission of audio/video and IP-data signals using a single, compact and highly integrated device, easy to carry, to install and to manage.

The result is a very flexible full digital solution, extremely performant, useful for fixed, nomadic and mobile applications, able to satisfy a large amount of requirements, also thanks to its ability in trasporting various kind of analogue and digital signals on the same wireless digital link. EasyLINK 3

EasyLINK System Benefits

  • Cost effective alternative to conventional radio solutions
  • Embedded video, audio and data, simplify installation and operation
  • Strong Forward Error Correction (FEC)
  • Easy to deploy and to align
  • Easy to install, on a tripod or on a pole
  • User friendly management tool application
  • High gain integrated antenna
  • Ideal to combine with Temix's EasyFLYSAT, to transmit audio/video and IP data via satellite
  • Totally autonomous, together with its optional trolley bag, completed with battery pack and AC charger

How EasyLINK meets customer's needs:

In order to satisfy many needs, the EasyLINK can be equipped with different technologies. This is true for the radio interface, as well as for the data interface.
Regarding the radio interface, EasyLINK can use WiMAX, or SHF - PDH technologies.

EasyLINK Applications

Due to its superior radio performances, to its easy-carrying, installation and managing, EasyLINK ideal applications include:

  • ENG-IP TV Broadcasting, with Full Duplex two-way communication
  • Emergency Telecommunications Networks Recovery
  • High performance video security
EasyLINK 1
EasyLINK 2
EasyLINK 3

Setup is very easy and the unit can be fully operative in just a few minutes.