Compact Portable Satellite Terminal


The WiMAX EasyLINK adopts the superior OFDM radio technology in 3.5 GHz licensed bands or in 5 GHz unlicensed bands, to overcome the need of Line Of Sight (LOS) links. In this way, the link can work also in NLOS, getting over the multipath effect, typical in urban environments.

It employs advanced features, including Automatic Transmit Power Control, Forward Error Correction, Adaptive Modulation Algorithm.

Furthermore, EasyLINK with WiMAX technology can work in point-to-point configuration as well as in point-to-multipoint configuration, with IP Full Duplex two ways communication. EasyLINK
Standard Interfaces:Power Supply, Ethernet Port, analog/digital Video and Audio.
Optional interfaces: 802.11b/g AP antenna port, RS232/485 ports.

EasyLINK WiMAX Benefits:

  • Latest OFDM technology, that improves radio performances, enabling LOS and NLOS link conditions
  • Suited to both fixed and mobile applications
  • High coverage, up to 50 Kms (@ 3.5 GHz) or 20 Kms (@ 5 GHz)
  • Adaptive Modulation, ATPC and Forward Error Correction (FEC) features, that optimize performances in urban noisy environment
  • Easy to align, thanks to SNR leds bar display
  • Full-duplex two way communication with TDD of FDD technology
  • High rate capacity, up to 100MBit/s
  • Point-to-point and Point-to-multipoint configuration
  • Frequency range: licensed 3.5 GHz or unlicensed 5 GHz
  • Ideal Application: IP services