Earth Station Antenna

Temix Communications has acquired more than 25 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of earth stations with installations to customers around the world thanks to specialized personnel able to meet the most stringent requirements in terms of performances and customizations

Unlike other market players, Temix Communications earth station antennas take advantage of an uninterrupted R&D in antenna design and manufacturing processes following the evolution of the satellites and related requirements in terms of frequency bands. State of the art design, manufacturing (100% made in Italy) and care of the details currently position Temix Communications  at better quality standards.

Typical clients are Broadcasters, Teleport Operators, TV stations, Government and Defense, Corporate Networks.

Key points of Temix Communications earth stations are:

  • Best surface precision panels (RMS accuracy achievable less than 65 microns)
  • Best RF performances (Sidelobes and XPD)
  • Any frequency available in L/S, C, X, Ku, DBS, Ka, Q/V (including PALAPA, INSAT, Eshailsat, or customized)
  • Feed Systems in 2 and 4-Ports up to 6-Ports (including Multi-band)
  • Robust and Long Life Design with Hot Deep Galvanized steel parts and advanced surface painting techniques with high anticorrosive and antirust processes
  • Limited or Full Motion Design


A full set of accessories are available to complete each antenna system starting from Foundation kits and anchors to De-Icing system, Dehydrator system, Lightning system and obstruction lights, Environmental Center-Hub, working platform, and more.


A full line of large earth stations in both limited motion and full motion design is available in any frequency in L/S, C, X, Ku, DBS, Ka, Q/V (including PALAPA, INSAT, Eshailsat, or customized); 2 or 3 axes servo system includes Antenna Control Unit (providing Tracking capabilities as Step-Track, Memory Track, Program Track with Intelsat 11 Parameters and TLE), Motor Drive Unit inverter based and Beacon Tracking Receiver.


Temix Communications has included at catalogue a line of Nomadic Transportable Earth Stations 3.7m and 4.5m based on Trailer Mounted set-up or following the standard MIL-HDBK-1791 (HCU-6/E) for Air-flight transportation suitable for boarding on C130/C-27J.

With its high expression of deployability engineering, it is a valuable solution to support short-term to semi-permanent mission-critical requirements for disaster recovery and first responder organizations with “flyaway-like” fast and easy deployment. A fully automatic satellite acquisition system with “dual-mode 2/3-axes” operation provides also Tracking capabilities for Inclined Orbit Satellites; no setting or adjustments are needed on field to start the services. Easy and fast assembling of the main dish is required without the need of cranes or special tools.