Temix Communications has a wide range of capabilities which come from a 25+ years experience of highly skilled engineers in the telecommunication industry, and cover different areas starting from Concept and Idea Generation (Research and Development) goning through Design & Engineering, including the part of Service Management.

Temix  capabilities - Research & development -  Design & Engineering - Service Management


Temix Communications has a large experience in Research and Development of hardware for the provided solutions.

This R&D includes RF & Microwave Design (up to 50GHz), Antenna Design (up to 50GHz both Planar and Parabolic), Electronics & Digital Design as well as Mechanical Design (Composite design, design and integration of structures, systems and components, Thermal Analysis and FEM Analysis Static & Dynamic), Coax & Waveguide Components Design (up to 50GHz), and Electrical design.

In addition to hardware R&D is also done at Software/Firmware (Development platforms), developing based on VHDL Altera, Keil uVision RTX on ARM, Sierra Wireless Open AT on ARM, Linux, VxWorks, MPLAB for dsPIC Microchips, AVR Studio for Atmel ATmega2560, Freescale iMX25/53 and NI LabView, LabWindows, DotNet, C#, Java, as well as Catia and Nastran (Unigraphics).


Temix Communications has a large experience in the design of SatCom Systems from Up-Links (Large Fixed Earth Stations for Teleports) to Portable Satcom Terminals as well as Land Mobile Satcom/Maritime Mobile Satcom Terminals and SoTM (Stationary On The Move) Systems for Air-Transport HCU-6/E (C1307C-27J) and/or Trailer Mounted, up to integration of VSAT network equipment and capillary networks such as IoT.

Complementary to the SatCom Systems Design there is the capability for Terrestrial Systems Design, which includes the design of Short-Range Communications Systems (SRC), Radio Frequency Identification Systems (RFID) as well as Systems for Remote Control Device (AMR, SCADA), including Private Mobile Radios (PMR) and Broadband Wireless Communications Systems (BWA) as well as VHF/UHF/TETRA Networks, Integrated Tactical Communication Systems On-the-Move (ICTS) and PTP & PTMP Systems (MW Radio Links, STL, Portable).


The part of Service Management includes the Electronics & Mechanical Manufacturing (both prototyping and mass scale production), the part of System Integration of different hardware parts (manufactured both in-house and by third party), Testing & Quality Control (using technologies such as Surface Laster Scanners and Climatic Chamber), and Satellite Network service provisioning (thanks to its own Teleport based in Catania).