EasyLink Terminal

Wireless Systems – EasyLINK

EasyLINK is a terrestrial wireless communication platform designed to transmit voice, video and data over IP through two or more units which can be fixed, nomadic or on the move.

The units are ultra-transportable (lightweight, laptop-size and easy to carry), installation and configuration can be done from remote, or locally via Ethernet cable or wireless, and the datarate reach is up to 20Mbps.

The units function in LineOfSite/NonLineOfSite (LoS/NLoS) and depending to the datarate transmitted and the distance are capable to transmit up to 20Mbps within 50km of reach in LoS and up to 4Mbps within 3-4km in NLoS.

The units all have routing capabilities and act as any-to-any, with auto-aggregating capabilities.


Applications and Scenarios

The EasyLINK units can be used in different scenarios and for different purposes; As those units can be used as fixed installations or on-the move or as nomadic; The same equipment for different scenarios, in fact the EasyLINK units  can be used in Broadcast Scenarios, as well as Security/Public Safety, as well as First Aid/Disaster Recovery scenarios and/or in Industrial applications.

  Broadcast Applications

The units can be used in order to extend satellite connectivity where a satellite antenna or a DSNG can not access to, or can be used to allow a cameraman to “chase the news” using a backpack version, or such units can be even installed on helicopters for areal views of street/sport events.



In the security field, sometimes terrestrial lines are not available or not reliable; In scenarios where there is the need of an immediate (or temporary) deployment of wireless cameras and sensor devices (in small or vast areas) the EasyLINK solution allows you to connect all the devices devices wirelessly to customer HQs through (one or several) units in a very short period of time, and cost effectively.


  Emergency / First Aid

In an event of disaster or calamity, fire brigades and/or ambulance vehicles can talk and share real-time video and information from multiple viewpoints within each other and wht the headquarters/decision makers with EasyLINK platform.



Typical industrial scenarios can be exploration sites, refineries or mines or construction sites, where there is usually always the need for an immediate deployment of customized solutions for voice and video communications and where where no local infrastructure is present.

The EasyLINK solutions allows different and several sites to be immediately  connected with HeadQuarters in an any-to-any scenario where voice, data, internet/intranet and video can be shared amongst all of the users, including undeground/overground/on the move vehicles and equipment.


The Key points of the EasyLINK

Key points of the EasyLink are:

  • Cost effective alternative to conventional radio solutions
  • Embedded video, audio and data capabilities
  • Easy to deploy and to align and operate
  • User friendly management tool application with inter-operating  on-site/remote capabilities
  • Fully scalable and expandible platform
  • Totally autonomous, together with its optional trolley bag, completed with battery pack and AC charger
  • High gain integrated antenna and Low Power equipment
  • Strong Forward Error Correction (FEC)
  • Ideal to combine with Temix’s EasyFLYSAT, to transmit audio/video and IP data via satellite
  • Extremely customizable thanks to the ability to transmit on a multifrequency (from 300Mhz to 6Ghz) pre-configured plan.


Customization options

The unit(s) come in different versions:

  • Fixed/directional tripod mounted unit for fixed/Nomadic contribution links
  • Nomadic/Transportable placed on backpacks weared by operators who need to move across the territory
  • CoTM if installed on backpacks, or in cars, trucks or helicopters