EasyFlySat Terminal

Compact Portable Satellite Terminal

EasyFLYSAT is a compact “All-in-one” portable terminal that includes all the features of a fly-away antenna system together with different radio communication systems capable to deliver high Data Rate transmissions disengaged from weather conditions and environmental complexity in order to meet any of the customer needs anytime and anywhere.

Applications and Scenarios

The system combines easy-one-person operation with exceptional technical performances allowing fast and secure deployment even in the hardest scenarios: easy NO-TOOLS deployment. Thanks to the carbon fiber rugged chassis equipped with managed cooling system and environmentally protected, integrated equipment may safely operate also with heavy rain, snow, sand storms and, if required, with military standard extended temperature ranges. It is the right choice when it is necessary to deploy and transmit from temporary locations live reports, store and forward big video files or simply recreate a telecommunication gateway able to restore or extend any of terrestrial mobile services. EasyFLYSAT is particularly intended for scenarios which include Civil Protection, Homeland Security, Disaster recovery and Rescue Organizations, Military and Government Agencies, Service Providers, Broadcasters and Freelands; no particular skills are required to operate EasyFLYSAT.

The Key points of the EasyFLYSAT

The system is unique for the ability to combine easy operation with extremely different integrated technologies, managed by a single software interface.

The Key Points are:

  • “All-in-one-package” Terminal
  • Fully integrated satellite and terrestrial communication technologies
    • Satcom SCPC, STAR, MESH
    • DMR VHF/UHF, TETRA, 4G/LTE mobile Micro-BTS, Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and 5GHz, ITCS, Long Range Radio Link (P2P, P2MP)
  • NO-TOOLs easy assembling and disassembling
  • Extremely resistant to environmental conditions (compliant with MIL-STD-188-164B)
  • Extremely robust to shocks (chassis is made with Kevlar and Carbon Fiber)
  • Fast deployment (6 minutes even from non skilled personnel)
  • X, Ku and Ka frequency bands (also Tri-Band with interchangeable feeds)
  • Manual drive and/or fully motorized autopointing system
  • High throughput – Up to 20Mbps transmissions
  • Full duplex communication enabling IP services
  • Fully customizable based on Customer needs



When the need is to provide an extension of HQ LAN, to provide access to internet from remote sites, to establish a two-way communication, the EasyFLYSAT IP-Terminal works as a LAN Router via satellite for IP Services as VoIP, IP streams, e-mailing, FTP and any other IP application; it is equipped with two RJ45 10/100 base-T ports and Wi-Fi AP. A winning factor is the possibility to host Customer’s equipment.


When the need is to provide live contributions from the site at any cost and in any case regardless of the environmental conditions, when mobility is a critical factor, the speed and easy deployment an indispensable requirement, the EasyFLYSAT DVB-Terminal integrates all the features to support, in a single transportable package, digital video broadcasting in MPEG2 & MPEG4, HD & SD, 4:2:2 & 4:2:0, DVB-S/S2, up to 20 Mbps.


When the need is rapidly reach a site and quickly deploy a telecommunications system capable of providing access to different telecommunications technologies such as satellite, DMR VHF/UHF, TETRA, 4G/LTE mobile Micro-BTS, Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and 5GHz, ITCS (Integrated Tactical Communication System full mesh on the move), Long Range Radio Link (P2P, P2MP), in a simple and transparent way for the operator and for the users on field, the EasyFLYSAT – Communication Gateway is ideal, unique and fully integrated with a single management and control system. A winning factor is the possibility of full customizations tailored on Customers’ needs.

All versions are available with 75/100/130cm antennas (X, Ku, DBS e Ka band) or with 130 cm segmented antenna in C band, in both cases after the antenna is retained in the top case of the portable terminal.