Flyaway Antenna Systems

Temix Communications Quad-band C/X/Ku/Ka Flyaway antennas, suitable for broadcast, military and government organizations, have been designed around four main concepts: accuracy and performance of the reflector, robustness of reflector, tripod and overall structure, lightweight and easy no-tools  installation.

Flyaways are available in five different sizes: 75cm (model FLY-075-M&F-xx-E), 1.0m (model FLY-100-M&F-xx-E), 1.3m (model FLY-130-M&F-xx-E), 1.5m (model FLY-150-M&F-xx-E), 1.9m (model FLY-190-M&F-xx-E) and 2.4m (FLY-240-M&F-xx-E). Thanks to a Quick Disconnect Feed Assembly, in less than 5 minutes the Flyaways can be swapped between C, X, Ku and Ka frequency bands.

Made with Carbon Fiber reflector and aluminum tripod mount, this guarantees extremely high performance of the flyaway combined with high reliability and unchanged performances in the time also in hard environmental conditions.

In addition, because the high Cross Polarization Isolation (XPD), Temix Flyaways are capable of high EIRP.

Having an accurate reflector is the key in order to get the best link budget performances, in fact, the unique shape and the accurate reflector surface provide good sidelobe and cross polarization performances exceeding Eutelsat and Intelsat requirements. Repeatability is maintained with precision registration of the reflector segments and the feed support structure. All flyaways are provided with a 2-Port Feed as  standard (optional 3 or 4 ports feed).


The Key points of the Flyaways Temix:

  • Segmented Carbon Fiber Reflector and Aluminum Tripod Mount
  • Precision Surface
  • High Stiffness
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Deployment NO-TOOLS
  • One-Person Assembly
  • Captive Hardware
  • ​EESS-502, IESS-601E,​ ​MIL-STD-188-164B​, ​MIL-STD-810G​ Compliant​