Temix Solutions for the Broadcast Sector

Temix solutions for the broadcast industry propose a comprehensive mix of technologies aimed to enable broadcasters to deliver video and multimedia contents in any condition and scenario, transforming the way news and live events are reported in the field.

The satellite-based Flyaway Antenna Systems deliver true live HD video from the field without any restriction of geographic location or datarate, quick installation and deployment allow fast response in any scenario.

The EasyFLYSAT gateways tranform any location into a fully equipped news centre where live contribution, video playout contributions, return video channels, wireless internet/intranet and 3G/4G hotspots becomes reality.
The solution matches the needs of journalists as well as the TV production crew and interviewed persons or guests with the highest standards and reliability and easiness to set up and turn on.

The EasyLINK systems extend and expand any of the features provided by the EasyFLYSAT up to 50km distance in order to generate additional live video contributions, interviews, images and footage, even from Vehicles or in general Systems on the move.

Solutions for the Broadcast also include large antennas for TV stations or HQ of production centres, in fact Temix can provide a wide range of Earth Stations from TVRO to contribution/signal transport to Distribution for Uplink of satellite Multiplexers.

The peculiarity of Temix solution for the Broadcast sector is the interconnectivity of all the different technology parts which act as a single, unique and integrated yet scalable system for the end client.