Smart Solutions

Temix Communications has a large experience in the design, develop and management of communication devices, systems and platforms based on “Smart” innovative technologies for data gathering purposes in large/capillary networks.

Information is power, and the more information can be obtained/delivered in real time, the better decisions can be made, this at several levels, including governmental, transport and traffic management, energy, health care, retails environmental protection, water and waste.

Using a mix of Technologies, which include satellite, wireless 3/4G and terrestrial, Temix is able to design, develop and support scalable platforms that can enable decision makers to gather information from thousands (or even millions) of devices distributed in vast geographic areas as well as hearts of city centres of metropolis.

With Temix technology it is now possible to create a complete ecosystem of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) based on IoT solutions for Energy & Water metering, lighting management, traffic monitoring and control, intelligent parking, waste management, building automation & monitoring, environmental management and monitoring, and healthcare & Elderly assistance.