Managed Services include (by it is not limited to) System Integration of different hardware parts (manufactured both in-house and by third parties) with Testing & Quality Control (using most advanced technologies such as Laser Scanner, Photogrammetry and Climatic Chamber), the Electronics & Mechanical Manufacturing (both for prototyping and mass scale production), and Satellite Network Services provisioning (thanks to Temix owned Teleport based in Catania).

 System integration

TEMIX Communications is a leading company in the design and integration of high quality communications systems, both in satellite and terrestrial fields. Our staff adds significant incremental value offering Project Management, Customization, Quality Control, Logistics and Integration, Training and post-sell support (Maintenance and Repair Center), all of these services to meet customers’ business objectives.
For each Customer needs and solutions are different. Our Team is distinguished by his innovative and pragmatic approach.
TEMIX Communications is the optimal choice for your total satellite and terrestrial communications solutions; because the ability to manage and integrate sophisticated hybrid solutions combining satellite, microwave, wireless and fiber, our engineers have the expertise and specialized know-how needed to ensure you receive the communications systems and products required by the Customers.
With an extensive track record of installations worldwide (from North Pole to Equatorial Africa, from Europe to South East Asia), TEMIX Communications delivers the complete reliable solutions also in extreme environment.

 Teleport services

Catania Teleport is located in a favorable geographical area in the center of the Mediterranean Sea with access to geostationary satellite from 50°W to 80°E extending the global coverage thanks to international partner teleports. Teleport services are mainly addressed to Customers managing Critical Services where reliability and assurance of performances are mandatory; redundancy is the key point to guarantee the continuity of the service (dimensioned for future growth with fully redundant UPS, Diesel Generators, Air Conditioning, Main Power Supply, High speed Fiber Optic connectivity, remote management system, security system with access control and video surveillance).
From the state-of-the-art Catania Teleport, tailor-made and high quality satellite services are provided for:

  • Monitoring and SCADA networks (Oil, Gas & Mining; Construction and Offshore)
  • Disaster Recovery (Industry, Telco Operators, Governments, Homeland Security)
  • Satellite Backhauling
  • Co-Location & Hosting Services