The industrial sector is very diversified, in fact goes from over Oil rigs and gas conduicts, to mining and exploration sites, to Banks, Construction companies, Transportation and Logistics, Energy production and Distribution, Aeromaritime etc.

In any of those locations terrestrial lines might not be available or simply not reliable, for these reasons Temix has solutions to connect those remote, peripheral locations with their Headquarters (wherever they would be) with a reliable, cost effective and independent way.

Temix Solutions for the Industrial sector are based on data collection and transport delivery to/from HQ/remote locations, based on  TDM/TDMA or SCPC VSAT  networks,  enabling  extention of voice, data and video to locations which are not reachable via standard terrestrial lines.

Connectivity can then be distributed on site via wireless and used for different applications such as Voice, Data, Internet/Intranet, 2-3-4G, Tetra etc. A mix of technologies can allow distribution up to 50km from the satellite antenna (via EasyLINK) covering also non line of site (NLoS) and Underground locations.