Homeland Security

In case of threat to homeland security reliable information and communications are essential and can mean the difference between life and death; in fact decision makers, as well as men on-field have to be able to communicate quickly, efficiently, and in a reliable way with each other.

In many situations though, after disasters strike, the terrestrial infrastructure could be out of operation, or could be made unusable (for security reasons) or there could be just not enough capacity to handle increased demands. Hence, the need for an independent network, which can be immediately deployed and which can be always-available in case of major crisis events.

Temix proposition includes a platform based on an advanced and reliable infrastructure which gives permanent and comprehensive country coverage for a variety of communications and surveillance needs in order to support activities such as border security, public safety and civil protection.

 Border security

Border Security System enables governmental authorities to keep under control vast areas of the country lands and costal borders, in a modular and scalable way.

 Public Safety

The public safety solution allows police and special forces to communicate safely and control urban areas in a reliable, scalable and effective way.

 Civil Protection

The Civil Protection proposition permits communications and exchange of video and voice amongst men on the field and decision makers independently from the terrestrial lines.